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Measure Customer Journey

Why Retailers Can’t Afford to Close the Door?

Failure to Optimize Performances

Failure to measure metrics of each store

No NOTHING customer behaviors

Failure to capture customer journey in store prevents retailers from understanding customer shopping behaviors, rendering product cross-sale and targeted marketing suboptimal.

Less than 1% retailer's data is analysed

Our Solution is a Platform

Help retailers understand and analyze the behaviors of their customers while in physical stores. From Entrance to Exit, Capture the Complete Customer Journey.

Street and People Counter

Mood, Age, Gender Analysis

Membership recognition

Potential Visitors Funnel

It’s time for you to control every aspect of your business

Control all your physical spaces, devices and business growth on a single platform. Analyze all operations and departments with sophisticated yet easy-to-use reports. Make fast decisions that translate into immediate business results with the help of PhyPass Business Intelligence Platform.

Our Advantages

Highest security with Edge Computing devices

High Accuracy

High Performances



How We Help Retailers

Increase your sales by applying your knowledge of customer behavior and conversion rates to your in-store strategy.

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